K.C. Area Wide Chapter of
Parents Of Murdered Children
& Other
Survivors of Homicide
Victim Hotline - 816-850-4200


We would like to welcome you to Parents Of Murdered Children & Other Survivors of Homicide Victims.  We are glad that you have found us and offer our deepest sympathies for what brings you here.
We will never judge you for your feelings regardless of how angry or sad you may feel at this tragic time of your life.  We are only here to help.

POMC Mission:

  POMC makes the difference through on-going emotional support, education, prevention, advocacy and awareness.

POMC Vision Statement:

 To provide support and assistance to all survivors of homicide victims while working to create a world free of murder.

Why We Are Here:

  We are a self-help support organization made up of persons whose loved ones have been murdered. 

  1. To offer support to the survivors of a violent death, as they seek to recover.
  2. To provide contact with similarly bereaved persons and establish regular monthly meetings.
  3.  To share information about the grieving process.
  4.  To provide information about the criminal justice system as it pertains to the survivors of homicide.
  5.  To communicate with professionals in the grief counseling field, and advise families of the available aid.
  6. To increase public awareness of the problems faced by survivors.
  7.  We are here to help.  

We realize that no two people grieve in the same manner.  We also realize our shortcomings in our attempts to help others.  We appreciate your suggestions on how we may further help our group members.


At the meeting of the governing board of Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc. held on November 8, 2008, the board adopted a policy of non-discrimination follows:

"It shall be the policy of Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc. to provide equal membership/employment/service opportunities to all eligible persons without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, citizenship, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, handicap, membership in any labor organization, political affiliation, and for employment only height,weight, and record of arrest without convictions."


Our door is always open to those who have been cruelly bereaved by the murder of a loved one.  Professionals who are in frequent contact with grieving families are also welcome to join. 

"Membership" is completely free of charge.  POMC runs strictly off of private donations and grants.

When: 7:30 p.m.
First Friday of every month

Where:   Our Lady of Sorrows,
                  2552 Gillham Road
                  Kansas City, MO


Mailing address:  PO Box 1635
                                  Lee's Summit, MO 64063-7635

Listen to the National Song of POMC

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The following is a moving story that is based on KC Chapter of POMC-

A Grief Like No Other
by Eric Schlosser
Copyright © 1997 by The Atlantic Monthly Company. All rights reserved.
The Atlantic Monthly; September 1997; A Grief Like No Other; Volume 280, No. 3; pages 37 - 76.


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